Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pope Playground...Now Open

Little Pope has now started to try and climb on everything and anything.  So we thought we would buy him a climber to have a safe way for him to get it out of his system, and also to save his potential victims - my furniture and the Team Leader.

We set up the climber inside since it is so hot outside right now.  In the fall it is going in the backyard, or so I thought initially.  He learned quickly how the slide worked, but was not too sure about the fast speed of it.  

Then our little daredevil decided he should go up the slide because of course that was faster than using the stairs.

His best use of the climber was turning it into a really expensive seat for watching Despicable Me.

Then Uncle Bret called a couple of days ago and said he was bringing over Little Pope's cousins' outdoor toys that they have outgrown.  Ok we officially look like we are running a small daycare.  I am really hoping our lawn guys do not want more money for having to move all 3 of these when they mow!

Little Pope is loving the treehouse.  Uncle Bret even showed him how to safely exit it using the slide.

I can't believe he actually bent down for me in this pic.  He hasn't actually climbed out of this hole yet, but I am sure it is coming.  

His other new toy is so that he can be like NN and Arturo, our lawn guy.  He is always messing with Arturo's lawn gear on the weeks he comes, so I thought he might like the bubble mower.  It is awesome to see him play with it until he runs over a fig newton in the kitchen and then I am desperately trying to clean up the mess so that we don't get ants!  Oh the joys of having a handful for a son!

Monday, August 5, 2013

41 and Counting

Today is the Nutrition Nazi's birthday, and another year closer to being flat out old.  Just kidding!  His crazy workout schedule keeps him in better shape than most 20-somethings!

Every year he claims he gets to celebrate and indulge the whole month of August.  Personally I think it is an excuse to let down his guard and eat donuts, pizza, and white pastas multiple times in one month.  Shocking, I know!

Oh my goodness is daddy's birthday!  Is that his inner fat kid running free looking for a piece of cake for breakfast?  Happy birthday daddy!  We can't wait to eat cake with you, but Mama says only after dinner, and she is the boss!

Happy Birthday NN and many more!