Nutrition Nazi

Why do I call my husband the Nutrition Nazi,or NN, for short, you ask? The groundwork was laid the first time I went on a date with him.  NN and I were talking about each of our respective careers.  I should have jumped from the moving vehicle, no matter the speed, but internally I seized up when he told me he was a personal trainer and was rendered temporarily helpless.  Dear God what was I getting into.

Our second date we went to Grappino di Ninos where he proceeded to basically make his own dish, that was healthy of course, because he did not really like anything on the menu, even though he picked the place.  It was still early enough to run, I thought to myself.  So what if he knew where I lived, the front door had a peep hole and a third lock.  At this point he earned the name Nutrition Nazi because I had never seen someone be so picky about how their food was prepared.  It would be months before I would break it out for everyday use, though.

About a week later I saw another side to the newly proclaimed Nutrition Nazi.  We went out to Antica Osteria, another Italian restaurant and I was a little appalled that this personal trainer I was dating kept throwing the temptation of horribly unhealthy pastas at me.  Was it some kind of test?  Was I supposed to choose the grilled chicken with steamed broccoli?  My better judgement said there was no point in pretending to be someone I am not, so I ordered pasta. Then to my utter disbelief  he suggested The Chocolate Bar for dessert.  Que es eso Chocolate Bar?  Why didn't we start at this place?  I mean I live life by the motto that life is short so everyone should eat dessert.

We get to the Chocolate Bar, which looked more like Heaven than a dessert bar, and it turns out that he is basically the 'Norm' of this place.  WOW!  I was shocked that this beanpole who would become my better half (some days) even knew about such a place.  It was at that point that I knew exactly what I was dealing with...NN had an inner fat kid desperately trying to escape. 

Now for the record, about 95% of the time he is locked-down-solid on his uber healthy eating habits and fully living up to the NN title, but wave an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie in front of him and jump back quick or fear for your safety.  However much I joke, though, at the end of the day he is in amazing shape, so there might actually be some validity to the Nutrition Nazi's healthy eating habits...just maybe.