Team Leader

In every relationship/family unit there is always a leader.  This is ours.  She is bossy, demanding, almost always gets her way and complains when she does not, loving, affectionate, cute, but mostly in charge.  I swear she came this way and that I had nothing to do with her personality - it just worked out that she is a carbon copy of me!

A little over 3 years ago I convinced this wonderful man that I simply must have a goldendoodle.  He fought me for months stating very loudly that he was not owning anything half poodle. They are always SO CUTE as puppies, but neither of us were prepared for the energy level that lived inside this puppy and how quickly she would learn to get her way.

Some days were better than others.  I think she sat still for about 1 minute on this particular day, and then went back to being the freakin energizer bunny.

Then one day my loving husband decided that he was going to teach her how to swim.  He thought it would be so cool if we had a dog that would jump off the pier and retrieve things.

We learned that poodles are CRAZY water-loving dogs, even more so than golden retrievers which makes her want to go swimming incessantly. Great job NN because now she cannot be let off leash even near a puddle. 

She really LOVES swimming.  She also knows that Gramma has a pool, and I think that is why my mom is her favorite person.

Every now and then she surprises me, and lets me do something, like dress her up for a party invitation, without dissent.

Or take her Halloween picture, like all of the parents did for their toddlers at the pumpkin patch.

 She has issues, though.

But at the end of the day she will always be our baby, reminding us that she is the Team Leader.