Sunday, June 22, 2014

Full Steam Ahead to the Terrible Twos

Earlier this June we celebrated Little Pope's 2nd birthday.  Oh how the time does fly!

Hanging out with Granddad before the party started.  He was super excited, though it does not look like it.

He sat patiently assessing all of his gifts as they arrived.

Since Little Pope loves dump trucks we had a construction birthday party.  This year I kept it simple by making the cake and some cupcakes.  I also tried to write Happy Birthday on the cake, but that did not go so well.

My brother fed Camo while I scrambled around doing last minute things.  The boys really love their uncle!

Little Pope is in love with the Nutrition Nazi!  He tries to do everything like his dad, including sitting at the bar eating his pizza with a fork!

The only party game played was Pass Camo.  My aunt was so excited to hold him!

My mom and an uncooperative Little Pope.  I think he was reaching his limit on picture taking!

My other aunt playing Pass Camo!

More Pass Camo.  The baby looks like he decided he was done and crashed out!

Our sweet niece!  She's the only little girl of all the grandkids!

Time to open presents!  Let the chaos begin.  It seems the other kids always open most of Little Pope's gifts because he loses focus after the first one. 

Little Pope is obsessed with the garbage man.  Whenever he hears or sees the garbage man he squeals with delight and then chases him down the sidewalk.

So it is not a big surprise that his favorite gift was a garbage truck!

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Boy!