Sunday, October 30, 2016

Technical Difficulties

So long story short my Mac, my iPhone, and the software I use to post these are not working so well together.  They have become an old married couple that can't hear the other so well.  Oh well here is what we have been up to.

Cookies are a big deal in our house!  We all love it when they are fresh out of the oven!

These monkeys picked out their first set of similar hats and just like their personalities they are polar opposites.

We played a little miniature golf while on a short vacation at Jellystone!

The Nutrition Nazi and I managed to get away for a night for his birthday at Hotel Zaza!  So much fun to be just adults for a night, and not have to be mom and dad!

Early driving lessons for Camo at the children's museum!

A little fun feeding the giraffes at the zoo!  Camo always wants to feed the babies!

A little less than fun on the first day of school!  Gotta love Camo and his face.  It did not go nearly as bad as he makes it seem!

 A new kind of workout thanks to one of my awesome neighbors!  Changes in perspective = changes in mind!

NN won a trip to Mexico this year for being a top producer!  We had a blast thanks to our awesome family who watched the Little  Popes

Celebrating Paw Paw George's 96th birthday!

Happy Birthday George!

The Team Leader is all about comfort in the supersac!

Fall fun with Grandma Bread at Blessington Farms!

Cameron Pope, Rush Chair.  Damn glad to meet you!

Ying and Yang and their respective pumpkins!

Enjoying the beautiful fall weather in October for the two days it was not above 90.

Having so much fun on the zip line!

Selfies at Little Pope's Fall Festival! He had so much fun!

Sweet Captain America with his pumpkin!

Camo says to Little Pope in a parking lot, 'Hold my hand.'  So they hold hands and my heart melts!