Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hello 2015

It's been a very interesting past couple of months for our house!  Since my last post we have had several sicknesses including flu, sinus infections/ upper respiratory, and an ear infection.  The biggest delay in my post is that we have been having internet issues.  I think I had dial up internet in the 1990s that was quicker than our slow-to-non-existent internet.  Finally everyone seems to be on the mend and the internet is finally fixed just in time to ring in 2015.   So here is a recap of the last few months.

These two are becoming partners in crime.  Little Pope thinks that I don't see him trying to act innocent over to the side.

Little Pope was 'helping' Camo eat blackberries!  Luckily I have become a savant at getting stains out of most types fabrics, and was able to get this disaster out of the rug.

Holy cow Little Pope is growing so fast!

Since the Nutrition Nazi and Little Pope had the flu over Thanksgiving this is the only picture that I took at our 'celebration.' 

Such a ham, and yes he'll have a side of ham too!  NN said to me one day that Camo liked eggs, and I said he does not discriminate that he loves food in general!

More shenanigans!  These two are always up to no good when it gets quiet!  On this particular day I believe they broke our umpteenth projector by turning it on and off repeatedly.

I don't feel that I really need to explain this one.  Monkeys!

This year I really wanted a pic of both the boys in their matching pajamas in front of the tree.  Let me show you how that went.

Not so bad, except you can't see Little Pope's face too well.  We did have presents, but I didn't trust the kids so I left them in a safer place.

Uh oh we lost one.  Apparently someone yelled free buffet, and like my former co-worker Brad, Camo trampled everyone to get free mediocre food.

Cute, but still not the pic I was envisioning.

Ok so now we lost the other one.  I am guessing something was not perfectly lined up and his OCD was not having that.

I think we all shared this sentiment by the end!

And then a few days later Camo re-decorated the tree, no doubt, to mess with those of us in this house that like order.  I don't think this one will be an accountant or engineer like Little Pope.

Yes they all look like they need coffee, but they were all super excited about what Santa brought them. 'Santa' earned her woodworking and assembly badges this Christmas with all the toys that needed to be put together.  Did I mention NN has an engineering degree from Rice?  Apparently it does not translate to anything practical, other than complaining about how the City of Houston can't pour concrete.

And no to be out done Camo received a BB gun, just like his brother did at his first Christmas.  Grandpa Pat says that they should not have to share.  Yep now they can just shoot each other.  Luckily their memories are short and I have hidden these in a good, safe spot.

Someone was so worn out that they fell asleep where they landed!  I am sure he is dreaming of all the wonderful things that lie ahead for himself, and his biggest passion…food!

From our family to yours we wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2015!