Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall Fun

Fall is my favorite time of year.   The weather starts to cool down and everyone comes outside to enjoy the new season and colors.  We have certainly been enjoying our share of all the fall events as you can see below.

Camo is lucky and gets to go every where with his mama, including lunch and a little shopping.  He scored this little lamb when the Nutrition Nazi told him he couldn't have it and he proceeded to stick it in his mouth.  I love his style!

Out mixing it up at the pumpkin patch at Little Pope's school.  He had a fun time and supported the school.

Little Pope is getting so big!  I can't believe what a mini adult, and old soul, he is becoming.

Sweet Little Popes!

Camo had a little lamb, and everywhere that Camo went the lamb was sure to go, including his favorite activity of eating.  

Taking a good family pic is like herding wet cats!

Little Pope's school had a Harvest Festival and the local fire truck stopped by.  My misguided husband mentioned that I picked out the best looking fireman (in the picture) to talk to and ask questions.  Settle down NN it's not like I am hanging out at the fire station asking them to 'double check' the car seat installation!  And we all know that I am marrying for money next time and he does not fit that bill!

The firemen were nice enough to let a VERY curious masked toddler sit in the driver's seat and drive drive in his words!

 He seriously wakes up this happy.  For those of you who have seen me in the morning you know that does not come from me.  Not a morning person does not even begin to cover it!

Slowly but surely they are starting to play together.

The week of Halloween we went to the Children's Museum for their Halloween party.  The boys had all kinds of fun and I was lucky enough to pick up a virus that made my throat feel like it was on fire and swelling shut.

Hanging with Grandma waiting for the Harvest Parade and Trunk or Treat to begin and Little Pope to come out with his class.

From the back…too cute!

Here they come on their way to lineup.  Little Pope is the firefighter.

They are all so cute and Little Pope is hanging out by his favorite teacher in this picture.  The two ladies who teach his class do an amazing job with the kids.  No way would I want to hang out with that many two year-olds on a regular basis!

The day before Halloween I finally gave in and went to the Urgent Care place to gets meds for the wonderful virus I picked up earlier in the week.  My mom was sweet enough to come get the boys early Halloween morning and take care of them so I did not get them sick and could rest.  I missed them Halloween night, but they loved being at Grandma and Granddad's house and getting all kinds of extra attention.

Love his happy face!