Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, the countdown is on to Christmas, my favorite holiday!  With less than a month to go until the big day, there are all sorts of things to get done, like wrapping presents, baking cookies, and decorating the tree.  We decided to go buy a tree Saturday night after the much needed heavy rain.  The Nutrition Nazi said it best when he mentioned that we hardly ever do anything on a small scale.

Here is our tree laying on the ground.  It does not look so big, right?

Here is NN standing next to it once it was it was righted.  NN is 6'5".

I know the pics are a little grainy, but here we have 3 of the workers with a ladder trying to put a bag over the tree for the ride home.  It did not work.

I like that they were concerned about the weight of the tree on top of the Tahoe.

Fortunately we managed to get it inside, though it is a tad bit bigger than we thought.  Now we just need a cherry picker to decorate it!

Monday, November 21, 2011

What I am thankful for...

I am very fortunate in life to be surrounded by wonderful people that help make me a better person.   So during this week of giving thanks, I would like to show you the people I am thankful to know.

My dad who has always been there to fix everything that broke, or read a bedtime story, or walk me down the aisle, whatever I need.

My mom who taught me how to be a strong person, and also the source of my hard-headedness.

My brother who quietly observes life only chiming in when necessary.

My bestie who has always been there for me.  Thanks for being a great wing man!

My other bestie who I have shared way too many great moments to count.

My girlfriends who can keep secrets and lend a hand or dress at a moment's notice.  I couldn't do it with out you ladies.

My in-laws who make me laugh and always over-feed the Team Leader.

NN's grandparents who treat me like their own.

My other in-laws that make me smile.

All our friends and family that came to our wedding in Mexico.  It was definitely a party to remember!

My fluffy little baby.

She truly is a child to me, happiness and frustration all in one bounding package.

The Nutrition Nazi who I can not count the ways how he makes me a better person, and his infectious smile brightens my day.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars - Christmas Party Preview

Every year I always try to add a few new recipes to our holiday party.  In this particular case I saw these over at one of my favorite blogs, Glorious Treats, and knew that they were definitely something I had to try.

True to form, I never follow a recipe completely so I added more pecans and chocolate chips to the original recipe found  here at Glorious Treats because I absolutely love both.  I think these may be replacing pecan tassies, which are a lot harder to make.  We had these for dessert last night and they were so good that NN's inner fat kid decided he should have a second piece.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Their Daily Routine

In my life there are two great sources of happiness, but also two great sources of grief.  These two heathens are like peas-in-a-pod and they have a daily routine that  I finally managed to somewhat document.  It usually starts with the Team Leader barking at the Nutrition Nazi when he asks her if she wants to wrastle, and no I did not spell it wrong.

She is always down for some wrastlin, especially if there is a ball involved.  However she is definitely my mini-me so she does not like to lose, and most times NN gives up because she is kicking his butt.  Good Dog!

A rare moment of pause while she checks on her giant fluffy tennis ball.

And here we go for another round as evidenced by the ball in the air.  I think she likes it when she is on the ground because it gives her more leverage to grab and kick at NN.  I never worry about her around bigger dogs.  Girl can hold her own.

This goes on for quite a while and as you can see she keeps up the good fight at full energy.  She does not mess around - she is in it to win it.

And then she breaks out the Victory Smile, knowing that once again she got exactly what she wanted.  I have taught her well! 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Chocolate Martini - Heaven in a Glass

Those of you who know me are very aware that my favorite goes-with-everything or good-on-its-own adult beverage is Prosecco.  Now IF you really know me then you know that my absolute favorite over-the-top drink is a chocolate martini.  In my opinion it does not get any better than chocolate and vodka.  I was first introduced to this heavenly drink on a work trip to New York several years ago.

For whatever reason I did not have another chocolate martini until we went to the martini bar at El Dorado Royale in Mexico several years ago.  It re-ignited something in me, and with NN's help we came up with what I believe is the perfect recipe. 

What you will need to make this delicious concoction! Recipe is listed at the bottom!

Now everyone dresses their glass differently.  Some people rim it with chocolate sprinkles, others put sanding sugar and make it look fancy.  Patience is not a virtue I have when it comes to drinking these, so I pour chocolate sauce around the top and call it a day.  And for the record patience is why the picture is what it is, but you get the idea.

See how much fun I am having just holding my drink.  Imagine how much fun I had once I started drinking it!  And yes our outfits match on purpose - it's the price NN pays for hitting the lottery when he married me the day after this picture was taken! 

Chocolate Martini
1 shot Vodka
1 shot Godiva Chocolate Liquer
1/2 shot of Baileys Irish Cream
1/2 shot of Heavy Cream
Chocolate Sauce for Glass

Fill a shaker with ice and add the first four ingredients.  Shake well.  Dress your glass.  (I put mine in the freezer and then drizzle with chocolate sauce.)  Pour drink into glass and enjoy responsibly!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our First Trick-or-Treater

So we had our very first trick or treater at the new house, and she was not so pleased, let alone carrying a bag, as you can see below.

I think I hear her saying something along the lines of Granny better be coming over with one of her 15,000 calorie meals for me since I sat long enough for this pic.

With a little love from her daddy, I got somewhat of a smile from her.

Then she actually sat and did not give me the ' I've filed this for later' look.

This could have something to do with it.  She LOVES candy corn!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

And as requested - the crazy feta recipe.