Monday, November 21, 2011

What I am thankful for...

I am very fortunate in life to be surrounded by wonderful people that help make me a better person.   So during this week of giving thanks, I would like to show you the people I am thankful to know.

My dad who has always been there to fix everything that broke, or read a bedtime story, or walk me down the aisle, whatever I need.

My mom who taught me how to be a strong person, and also the source of my hard-headedness.

My brother who quietly observes life only chiming in when necessary.

My bestie who has always been there for me.  Thanks for being a great wing man!

My other bestie who I have shared way too many great moments to count.

My girlfriends who can keep secrets and lend a hand or dress at a moment's notice.  I couldn't do it with out you ladies.

My in-laws who make me laugh and always over-feed the Team Leader.

NN's grandparents who treat me like their own.

My other in-laws that make me smile.

All our friends and family that came to our wedding in Mexico.  It was definitely a party to remember!

My fluffy little baby.

She truly is a child to me, happiness and frustration all in one bounding package.

The Nutrition Nazi who I can not count the ways how he makes me a better person, and his infectious smile brightens my day.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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