Monday, April 28, 2014

A Hoppin Good Time

 Our Easter weekends seem to be crazy now that we have the Little Popes.  Here is our fun-filled weekend in pictures!

We started out with a an egg hunt at Paw Paw and Cici's house.

We are still perfecting his egg hunting skills, and maybe I should have bought him a lighter egg hunting basket.

Success!  His cousin Korbin helped with the rest of the hunt because Little Pope decided he was done with it all.

My guess is that Little Pope is running his mouth endlessly in true Pope form to the Nutrition Nazi and his uncle.  I am sure the Pope side considers this a genetic gift while the rest of the free world could use a little less chatter some days.

My father-in-law holding the newest Little Popes.  On the left is my nephew born 10 days before Camo!  He is a solid little one!

We attempted to herd wet cats in this pic, and we are actually missing the oldest grandchild!

Take two of about ten pics!  Of course my child is always the least cooperative.

I was amazed, though, because he hung around for a solo pic with my step mother-in-law.

Our next stop was the great grandparents.  Little Pope made himself at home quickly.  Good thing George wasn't going anywhere because Little Pope entertained himself with his walker!

Granny holding one of her favorite people in the whole world.

Perfecting his I-didn't-do-it look!

Camo on Easter morning sporting his matching onesie to his big brother's shirt!

This is my favorite pic of the whole weekend.  It is our life perfectly captured - pure chaos - I love it!

On to the Easter egg hunt.  The Team Leader is always the most excited!

She still needs a little help, though, but that is what the Nutrition Nazi is there for!

 She even brought the enthusiasm to Little Pope's egg hunt at our house.

Again NN serves as the helper and also Camo holder!

And one last stretch and Easter comes to a close until next year!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Managing Chaos

I can't believe it has been almost a month since my last post, but then the title of this post is Managing Chaos it should not be breaking news.  It seems over the past month one or both of my children has been sick or had some ailment requiring a trip to the doctor.  I feel like there should be some type of rewards program at my pediatrician's office as much as I am there!  So here is what we have been doing over the past month.

Lots of naps of for this sweet baby!

Curiosity about Camo has finally struck Little Pope.

Some serious supervision is now necessary to avoid potential disasters.

Poor Camo.  Someone is always taking his blanket.  The swaddle blankets have to be closely guarded!

Curiosity about the baby's things has also set in.  Here Little Pope is in Camo's sleep box with a swaddle blanket.  He uses it like a lounge chair if I turn my back for too long.  FYI a sleep box is a safe way to have your baby sleep in bed with you at night.

We finally got around to taking pics under Camo's banner!

The only chance for a workout right now!

Little Pope is really joined at the hip with NN right now so he had to be in his picture.  Notice I did not say anything about cooperating with the photographer because clearly that is not where I would have ideally had him stand.  Check out NN's new work wardrobe.

Growing way too fast!

Camo's reaction to my busted bracket is priceless.  Love March madness until my bracket falls apart!

And a huge thank you to Judy for this cute gift bag for Little Pope.  He loves the book, and the Team Leader REALLY wants the stuffed dog!

Camo's basket was so adorable.  You are so thoughtful Judy!