Friday, April 17, 2015

Easter Overload

We had many fun Easter events that we attended this year.  So many that by the time the kids got to the Easter egg hunt at our house Easter morning they were basically not interested!

The fun started with a Easter Bonnet and Hat parade at Little Pope's school, then followed by the Easter bunny and an egg hunt.

He really got excited about the Easter bunny this year!  He is waiting and looking at the Easter bunny talks to other kids.

The poor little girl next him did not have a great time during this part!  Luckily it was short-lived and her mom was close!

Having fun at the egg hunt!

The boys were too cute working as a team at the egg hunt!  Camo picked up eggs and put them in Little Pope's bag.  I had to make him put them in other kids bags towards the end so that we did not go home with too many eggs!

Bless these two ladies who wrangle these toddlers and even smile doing it.  Aren't the little girls' hats too cute?

Next was the Easter Fair at Sweetwater Country Club!  I can't believe he sat still long enough for this to happen!

This time Little Pope got up close and personal with the Easter Bunny!  

There was also a trackless train that we rode many times!  I guess it reminded them of the rodeo carnival!

Camo had a good time running in the grass!  Such simple things make him happy!

Then it was on to the Pope Easter with the cousins.  My poor sweet niece is still the only little girl.  She is smart enough to stay away from the other 5 knuckle-heads!  She quietly colored while waiting for the Easter egg hunt.  The boys ran around crazy in different directions.

Finally Easter morning at the Pope house!

He likes the idea of the Pez dispenser more than he actually like Pez.  I have s serious supply of the Pez candy since he does not like it!

We had our egg hunt inside since it was pouring outside.

Like I said earlier they were basically ambivalent at the beginning and lost interest in less than a few minutes despite the eggs being blatantly obvious.

The enthusiasm is going downhill quickly! I ended up picking up most of the eggs.

He was excited about this toy for exactly 5 seconds.  All of my hard work of finding non-candy egg stuffers was somewhat wasted.  However the Team Leader loves hunting Easter eggs!  This was actually the first time she came up the stairs in over a year.

So I saved the best for last.  With all that has been going on with her I actually forgot until the day before Easter that I had not bought anything for her Easter basket.  So off we all went to Petsmart.  I am glad because she had the most fun!

And like any good pet parent and half-poodle lover, the Nutrition Nazi was right behind carrying her basket and opening the eggs with her treats.  She knows who runs this show and she has and very terrible haircut right now!