Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pure Chaos

So this past Monday my title and place of employment changed dramatically.  I am now the Chief Chaos Manager at Pope Enterprises.  I am still a little lost on my new schedule, but I love being able to be home with the kids. Since I am still finding my way, I am doing another update on all the Popes for this post, and just like my life right now it rambles, but bear with me.

So if there was any doubt about who Camo looks like, this picture should remove it.  Will Smith said it best, 'Makes me laugh because you got your dad's ears and all!'

Camo is really working on his mobility skills.

He's never too busy to stop and smile, though.  He also got his dad's sunshine personality.

Even for our sitter, who sent me this pic on date night, Camo is a happy little boy!

Hamo Pope, ladies and gentleman.  He is definitely a show-off, like his dad.

They are probably going to wonder why I took so many pics of them sleeping, but they look so sweet and I want to have it as evidence when they are 'remodeling' the house in a few years.  I will never forget my great aunt yelling at her grown sons one holiday to stop wrestling each other on the floor.  It seems to foreshadow my life!

My mom says Camo has a help me look on his face, and she's probably right.  Little Pope thinks it is hilarious to push Camo around. 

I found this when looking for another pic in NN's photo stream.  Such a sweet candid moment with Paw Paw.

I am trying to take them to the park more now that I am home.  Little Pope loves the swing, and soon enough will be too big for the baby swing.

This was his idea of getting ready to go for my run the other day.  He actually has one of my old watches on his right arm in addition to his suitcase and fireman hat.

I guess I was not moving quick enough.

In July we went to the beach with NN's brother and his family.  It is fairly rare to get a pic of all the Little Popes.  From left to right  Little Pope, Camo, NN, Grady, Greyleigh.

Someone was excited to be at the beach!

Big Smiles!

The fact that my blue-eyed boys are sitting still at the same time is a miracle.  

Speaking of blue eyes, this one's eyes seem to become more beautiful each day!  Ok so I might be a little biased.

Family time on the beach.

Little Pope's first taste of ketchup…on a jalapeƱo cheeto, no less.


Sharing his gourmet meal with dad!

Napping by the pool…such a tough life.

Picture time with Camo!

My turn to have my pic taken with Camo!  Yes he really is always in a good mood, unless he is hungry.  He gets that from NN.

Love this pic.  Not too long from now I know I am going to look back and be thankful that I was able to watch my boys grow up, even if time is passing way too quick!