Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Little Pope

 It's hard for me to believe that Little Pope recently turned three.  It seems like I was just posting about his unexpected early arrival, and now he is three with a 16 month-old brother!

The day before his party he provided valuable skills testing the icing before we frosted the cupcakes.

I always try to get a few pics before the party starts.  Of course he rarely stands still long enough!

A picture of these two standing still at the same time is even rarer!  They are so similar, but yet so different!

This year I managed to get individual pics with the Nutrition Nazi and myself.  Each year we get a little more organized.

Just for comparison here is Little Pope's 1st birthday party.

And here is his 3rd.  I never noticed until now how much these kids have aged me.

I am not sure if the Team Leader was hiding or waiting for the party to begin so she could beg for food.

They were so excited when the bounce house showed up.

And even more excited once it was fully inflated.  It took hours to convince Little Pope to actually get in!  Of course he still tells me about how the bouncy house is gone.

Time for a song, cupcake, and a lesson in patience.  He never makes it to the end of "Happy Birthday" when blowing out the candles.

I love seeing my extremely thin child excited about eating a cupcake.

I was even more excited when he actually ate it! 

Time for pics.  Grandma looks so happy!

Ninety years apart in age, but joined in dessert love!  Priceless!