Monday, February 10, 2014

Playing with Letters

As we are furiously trying to get ready for the Littlest Pope's early arrival in the next week or so, it occurred to me that I haven't posted any updates along the way.  For all you know we changed our minds and said we were good with the Team Leader and Little Pope! 

So first things first.  There has been a minor complication in the last month with the baby's amniotic fluid being low, which will lead to an early delivery no later than the 21st.  Dr Adam, my perinatal specialist really doesn't have an answer, but I am lucky enough to get to have two doctor's appointments each week, and the nifty co-insurance portion to go along with it.  The Littlest Pope is going to be a big one, or so we think.  At  35 weeks (last Friday) the baby weighed 6 lbs, 7 oz, and its femur length is in the 86% percentile.  As Dr Adam so bluntly stated, "This baby is not missing a meal."

My awesome friend Kimmy put together a wonderfully small baby shower a few weeks ago.

She made not one, but two diaper cakes.

Maybe she will finally quit her crappy day job and come start a business with me.  Yes I called your job crappy, which is mild compared to what I could have said about it.  Sixteen hour days are not normal.

She also made this very creative fruit salad.

NN and Little Pope definitely enjoyed the fruit salad as evidence by the blackberry remnants on his chin.

Little Pope wasn't in the picture mood, but my mom was, so two out of three isn't bad! 

Spirit Fingers came to enjoy the festivities as well!

And on a final note for those of you who keep asking, and you know who you are, here are some of the potential letters of the baby's name.  There might be one letter missing from this, and one letter is for certain.  And no I will not tell you the baby's gender.  You will find out soon enough.