Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Our Normal

No excuses for the time in between posts...just life.  Here is what the Pope family has been up to.

We FINALLY got around to having family pics made.

The photographer that we used was awesome at capturing some amazing moments.

Popes, through and through!

This is my favorite pic of Camo!  I bet there were probably 20 outtakes on this one!

Little Pope is growing into such a handsome little boy.  I can't believe that he will turn 5 this summer,

They may bicker some days, but at the end of the day they are best friends!

Grandma Bread, also known as Spirit Fingers, went to the zoo with us in early November as they were getting ready for Zoo Lights.

We attempted ice skating at Typhoon Texas' holiday park.  This was about the extent of it all, but great for the Little Popes' first adventure on ice skates.

Ok so technical difficulties arise again, but priceless memories while decorating the tree!

Little Pope really got into decorating this year.

Of course what would the holidays be without the Nutrition Nazi dancing at his holiday party.  This year they asked him to kick off the dancing!

Another first this year was making s'mores.  They became obsessed with them.

Stay-at-home mom bonus...getting to attend school Christmas parties and seeing this cuteness!

This guy was so proud of his artwork that he made for us as a gift!

This little one was SOOOO excited for the Nutcracker ballet.  In all fairness we had the best seats in the house.  He only asked one time during the second act towards the end if it was over yet!

Family shot courtesy of the Nutrition Nazi's long arms!

We took this handsome guy to a 'nice' restaurant to celebrate the holidays and my birthday!  He did so well!

I let go a little bit more this year and let them help with the sugar cookie process.  Luckily they had their listening ears on that day!

Then they decorated cookies with NN!  Family fun was had by all!

A shot of all of the desserts that I made.  I jokingly texted my parents to wear their fat pants to Christmas.

I am going to keep doing this for as long as possible.  I love dressing them in Christmas pajamas and taking their pics!

It is amazing how much they grow each year!

The calm before the storm.  Little Pope was not happy when he woke up and saw that 'Santa' did not bring him Star Wars legos.  I explained that since it was a late request that he probably did not get it.  And for the record he did get Star Wars legos from his brother.  Did I hear someone say entitled and spoiled?  I see some volunteer work in his future.

A sweet moment captured!

Someone is excited about the giant dinosaur Grandma bought him!

Happy Little Popes!

A rare pic of two-hard working ladies!