Sunday, January 26, 2014

Working on Golf Skills with the Nutrition Nazi

Little Pope LOVES to play with his golf clubs.  Unfortunately I am never pleased when he plays with them in the house.  My furniture and floors usually don't fair too well either, even though the clubs are only plastic.

So on one of the recent unseasonably warm January days we decided to start teaching him the right way to use the clubs.

The Nutrition Nazi started by helping Little Pope with his swing.  The Team Leader loves to chase golf balls and bring them back.  Since kid golf balls are really ping pong balls disguised as the real thing we had to make sure the Team Leader didn't crush them.

A successful shot!

 Another successful shot and a smile.

Little Pope actually was able to hit the ball without any assistance.  YAY!

Then in true Pope form he lost his ball somewhere in the rough (bushes) after hitting an awesome shot and had to go find it while the crazy Team Leader assisted him.  They were both going in the wrong direction, for the record.  God bless me when the Littlest Pope arrives!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lovesac is not a dirty word

Clearly we have lost our minds.  Recently we decided to buy a new couch that we had been eyeing for over a year, even though we are getting ready to have 2 small children under the age of two.  Besides being modular so that we can make whatever shape we choose, the sofa cushion covers are washable and you can also order new ones to change up the look.  You can check out the manufacturer's website by clicking Lovesac Sectional, and like the title says Lovesac is not a dirty word!

Here are some pics of the children enjoying and breaking it all in.

Little Pope hanging out on Christmas morning.

Here Little Pope is taking full advantage of the new couch to harass the Team Leader, while wearing monster feet no less.  Can you feel her lack of enthusiasm.

A rare moment of pause!  The couch is very nice to relax and watch a movie on, or so I am told.

More than anything else these two sleep on it.  I come home from work and usually find the Team Leader spread out over several sections.

Such a stressful life these two lead! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Recap

I can't believe it is already 2014.  The past several weeks have been a blur of Christmas cheer. Here are a few pictures to recap our holiday season.

Our holiday party was filled with lots of delicious desserts.

I love baking during the holidays, as you can see.

I debated letting the Team Leader come to the party because she has a tendency to act like a drunk girl at a bar.  This is my alleged oldest child at the party.  For those of you who know the Team Leader, you can understand my concern during the party when this is basically all she did.  No begging, very little barking, and almost no jumping.  I made NN check her several times to make sure she was still breathing.

A week later we had family over for Christmas at our house.  NN and Little Pope were goofing off before the crazies, I mean our family showed up!

So handsome!

Right before we were going to open gifts Little Pope decided to take a nap.

His large pile of gifts would have to wait.

So Christmas morning finally arrives and we are so excited for Little Pope to see his Santa gifts, but he on the other hand was not as impressed.

At least one of my children was happy and interested in their Christmas presents.

Little Pope was too busy watching Christmas Story to be bothered with opening presents.

No one is exempt from a Christmas morning kiss.

Finally we found something to grab his interest.  Yes the truck that makes noise worked for a few minutes, but he was more impressed with the socks NN got in his stocking, which are laying to his left side.

And of course the box was way more fun to play with!

We wish you all a very prosperous 2014!