Sunday, January 26, 2014

Working on Golf Skills with the Nutrition Nazi

Little Pope LOVES to play with his golf clubs.  Unfortunately I am never pleased when he plays with them in the house.  My furniture and floors usually don't fair too well either, even though the clubs are only plastic.

So on one of the recent unseasonably warm January days we decided to start teaching him the right way to use the clubs.

The Nutrition Nazi started by helping Little Pope with his swing.  The Team Leader loves to chase golf balls and bring them back.  Since kid golf balls are really ping pong balls disguised as the real thing we had to make sure the Team Leader didn't crush them.

A successful shot!

 Another successful shot and a smile.

Little Pope actually was able to hit the ball without any assistance.  YAY!

Then in true Pope form he lost his ball somewhere in the rough (bushes) after hitting an awesome shot and had to go find it while the crazy Team Leader assisted him.  They were both going in the wrong direction, for the record.  God bless me when the Littlest Pope arrives!

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