Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall Fun

Fall is my favorite time of year.   The weather starts to cool down and everyone comes outside to enjoy the new season and colors.  We have certainly been enjoying our share of all the fall events as you can see below.

Camo is lucky and gets to go every where with his mama, including lunch and a little shopping.  He scored this little lamb when the Nutrition Nazi told him he couldn't have it and he proceeded to stick it in his mouth.  I love his style!

Out mixing it up at the pumpkin patch at Little Pope's school.  He had a fun time and supported the school.

Little Pope is getting so big!  I can't believe what a mini adult, and old soul, he is becoming.

Sweet Little Popes!

Camo had a little lamb, and everywhere that Camo went the lamb was sure to go, including his favorite activity of eating.  

Taking a good family pic is like herding wet cats!

Little Pope's school had a Harvest Festival and the local fire truck stopped by.  My misguided husband mentioned that I picked out the best looking fireman (in the picture) to talk to and ask questions.  Settle down NN it's not like I am hanging out at the fire station asking them to 'double check' the car seat installation!  And we all know that I am marrying for money next time and he does not fit that bill!

The firemen were nice enough to let a VERY curious masked toddler sit in the driver's seat and drive drive in his words!

 He seriously wakes up this happy.  For those of you who have seen me in the morning you know that does not come from me.  Not a morning person does not even begin to cover it!

Slowly but surely they are starting to play together.

The week of Halloween we went to the Children's Museum for their Halloween party.  The boys had all kinds of fun and I was lucky enough to pick up a virus that made my throat feel like it was on fire and swelling shut.

Hanging with Grandma waiting for the Harvest Parade and Trunk or Treat to begin and Little Pope to come out with his class.

From the back…too cute!

Here they come on their way to lineup.  Little Pope is the firefighter.

They are all so cute and Little Pope is hanging out by his favorite teacher in this picture.  The two ladies who teach his class do an amazing job with the kids.  No way would I want to hang out with that many two year-olds on a regular basis!

The day before Halloween I finally gave in and went to the Urgent Care place to gets meds for the wonderful virus I picked up earlier in the week.  My mom was sweet enough to come get the boys early Halloween morning and take care of them so I did not get them sick and could rest.  I missed them Halloween night, but they loved being at Grandma and Granddad's house and getting all kinds of extra attention.

Love his happy face!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

And then...

Every day is an adventure in our house, and here is that adventure in pictures.

He thinks he is so big and insisted upon helping me assemble this high quality particle board shoe rack. At least I am teaching him with Craftsman tools.

One day I put everyone in the car to take Little Pope to school and no juice.  So he found entertainment in watching the tow truck load up and take the car to have the battery replaced.

Occasionally I have to use the ladies room.  It takes less than a minute.  Apparently that is enough time for a toddler to go out into the garage and find this wonderful yard tool and bring it in his playroom to beat his cars.  Another day where I considered violating my strict no drinking rule before noon.

Camo decided it was time to start trying to climb the stairs because I wasn't doing anything else and had all the time in the world to make sure he didn't fall.  He can't stand to watch his big brother running while he is simply sitting up.  As I was finalizing this today he climbed all the way to the landing of the first set of stairs by himself.

Chubby monkey, relative to his brother.

Those blue eyes are why my back hurts because now.  He seems to almost always get his way!

I am afraid to see our grocery bill once Camo starts to eat real food.  He is already eating a pancake in addition to his bottle and cereal/fruit combo.  He puts Little Pope to shame on the how much he eats!

This one loves driving his tractor, and does a pretty good job other than the occasional mauling of my citrus trees.

This little one loves the baby swing at the park.  Though I was doubtful about the size of my new iPhone 6 Plus because of the size, I have grown to love it and the awesome camera on it.

One day on a whim we managed to squeeze in a visit to see the great-grandparents.  Granny was so happy to see the kids, and Little Pope loves her because she does whatever he says.

Grandpa George loves his Little Pope and tries to impart wisdom any chance he gets!

And I was really close to making this my Facebook profile pic because it explained how I felt some days with the cray schedule and I was seriously considering breaking my strict no-drinking-before-noon rule again.  

And then this happened.  We've been dreaming of getting away since I don't know.  Ain't no better time than now for Mexico.  (Name that song)

And then, mini beers in hand, we toasted to four crazy wonderful years of marriage and all that is to come!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What Day is It?

 This is so true on a host of different levels.  I have managed to lose myself and lower the importance of the exact day of the week, somewhat.  While I have finally reached the point where I don't feel like I have to go back to work, that is not necessarily a good thing some days, because of things like remembering to post pics more than once a month!  I have all these great ideas and then someone needs something, and fours hours later I have forgotten where I was going and for what!  This is certainly the most challenging job I have ever held!

 First things first.  Our sweet little Camo turned seven months old this past Sunday.  Oh how the time does fly! Those blue eyes seem to keep growing each month!

 Look who's sitting up now…well kind of.  To avoid nasty spills I am usually not too far away.  Unlike his brother he does not 'shake it off' without some serious drama.

I have said it before, but he truly is a happy, social baby, for the most part.

Our sweet little niece turned four recently and we all celebrated at her Frozen birthday party.  In true princess form you will see her wardrobe change in a few pics.  In all fairness the fancy skirt was slowing her down on the slide so a girl's gotta make choices.

All Little Pope wanted to do was drive around on the tractor.  My father-in-law got the wheel set where he was going in a circle and then no one had to chase him!

Happy to be out mixing it up as NN would say!

The ever-so-popular Camo posed with the birthday girl while she flashed her tiara sunglasses.  I love that she is holding up her wand too!  I know for a fact a the beach weekend she watched Frozen no fewer than two times a day, so I guess she's picked up a few things!

One last pic of the birthday girl and her slide-friendly gown!  Notice Little Pope in the background.  He was too busy to be bothered with being in the picture.

After and hour and a half driving to Garwood for our niece's party, we turned around headed back to the museum district for NICU reunion for the boys at the Children's Museum.  For the record that is total of five hours of driving in one day with two small Little Popes.

It was all worth it to see him having fun and interacting with other children.

Someone was having ALL kinds of fun at the Tot Spot at the museum.

A little grainy, but sweet!

Finally a family picture!  For the record this pic was taken before last weekend's disaster and the emergence of Ryan Pickspatrick.  I finally feel like I am settling into a routine of chaos, albeit, but still a routine.  Watching the boys grow is priceless!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pure Chaos

So this past Monday my title and place of employment changed dramatically.  I am now the Chief Chaos Manager at Pope Enterprises.  I am still a little lost on my new schedule, but I love being able to be home with the kids. Since I am still finding my way, I am doing another update on all the Popes for this post, and just like my life right now it rambles, but bear with me.

So if there was any doubt about who Camo looks like, this picture should remove it.  Will Smith said it best, 'Makes me laugh because you got your dad's ears and all!'

Camo is really working on his mobility skills.

He's never too busy to stop and smile, though.  He also got his dad's sunshine personality.

Even for our sitter, who sent me this pic on date night, Camo is a happy little boy!

Hamo Pope, ladies and gentleman.  He is definitely a show-off, like his dad.

They are probably going to wonder why I took so many pics of them sleeping, but they look so sweet and I want to have it as evidence when they are 'remodeling' the house in a few years.  I will never forget my great aunt yelling at her grown sons one holiday to stop wrestling each other on the floor.  It seems to foreshadow my life!

My mom says Camo has a help me look on his face, and she's probably right.  Little Pope thinks it is hilarious to push Camo around. 

I found this when looking for another pic in NN's photo stream.  Such a sweet candid moment with Paw Paw.

I am trying to take them to the park more now that I am home.  Little Pope loves the swing, and soon enough will be too big for the baby swing.

This was his idea of getting ready to go for my run the other day.  He actually has one of my old watches on his right arm in addition to his suitcase and fireman hat.

I guess I was not moving quick enough.

In July we went to the beach with NN's brother and his family.  It is fairly rare to get a pic of all the Little Popes.  From left to right  Little Pope, Camo, NN, Grady, Greyleigh.

Someone was excited to be at the beach!

Big Smiles!

The fact that my blue-eyed boys are sitting still at the same time is a miracle.  

Speaking of blue eyes, this one's eyes seem to become more beautiful each day!  Ok so I might be a little biased.

Family time on the beach.

Little Pope's first taste of ketchup…on a jalapeƱo cheeto, no less.


Sharing his gourmet meal with dad!

Napping by the pool…such a tough life.

Picture time with Camo!

My turn to have my pic taken with Camo!  Yes he really is always in a good mood, unless he is hungry.  He gets that from NN.

Love this pic.  Not too long from now I know I am going to look back and be thankful that I was able to watch my boys grow up, even if time is passing way too quick!