Monday, January 28, 2013

Thank Goodness January is Almost Over

Aside from the fact that January is the most boring month, in my opinion, I am super glad it is almost over because of the decision I made in late December.  For some crazy reason I decided not to eat, nor make any desserts for a month.  And though I have cheated only twice on the eating dessert side, I have not made dessert since before Christmas.  It's depressing, I know.  So I promise that once this month is over we will get back to some awesome desserts, but for now you are stuck looking at more pics of Little Pope and our Saturday together.

"Mama do you wanna let me hold your camera, even though I am probably going to throw it on the ground or put my little finger prints on the lens?"

This was supposed to be his Halloween costume, but it just now fits.  I might be a little off on my judgement of his size.  I do know for a fact that he has gigantic feet.  They are like little mini-canoes to match his dad's full-size canoes.

Sitting still, which almost never happens if he is awake!

"No seriously just let me hold it."  'No touch' seems to be a prevailing theme in our house lately.

He was so happy to get out of the costume. 

One last smile before we put him on the floor to work on his crawling skills.

With Little Pope crawling really soon I am probably going to have to vacuum more!  Ugh!

Getting his attention is really difficult sometimes because of distractions in the house.

This is his latest distraction - his sissy!

The Team Leader usually keeps her distance after the hair-pulling incident, but lately her curiosity with Little Pope has grown. And just in case you were wondering those are in fact the Nutrition Nazi's super sexy feet in sandals AND socks.  And he wonders why I pick out his clothes!

After being dressed up and hanging out with his sister, Little Pope decided he would pretend he was a plumber while he played his piano!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Just Another Typical Sunday at Our Wildlife Sanctuary

In previous posts you may have heard me mention that I live in the country.  With the cows and the roosters that I can hear from neighboring properties, many would say that we do in fact live in the middle of nowhere.  Well today I am here to change that description of our homestead to wildlife sanctuary.  I will now state my case in pictures.

Almost a year ago I backed my car out and looked to my left to find this alligator.  HOLY CRAP I started hyperventilating.  No joke!  I still look both ways when I walk out the front door.

Then we had another alligator take up residence in the lake behind our house in May.  Great, just great.

On Sunday I opened the back door to let the Team Leader out and this is what I see.  Some of the other residents had been talking about seeing this, but honestly I thought they were smoking crack.  Now who's the one smoking crack?

The bald eagle was very majestic and HUGE.  It was sitting across the lake eating a fish, but by the time I got my camera and the correct lens it was flying away.

And then there is this rare blue bear in our house.

I am told it is very rare to be able to get this close.

Let alone capture a smile.

Ok maybe this one is a lot less harmful than the other animals roaming our wildlife refuge.

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, God Help Me

I wish someone would have told me that once you have a baby that time starts moving at ten times the speed it used to before you had children.  I have been thinking about posting pics from Christmas for a couple of weeks, but sometimes, ok most days, things go differently than planned.  Mom stop nodding your head at me.  Yes I have learned to appreciate you even more now!  Anyway I digress, so here are a few belated pics from our Christmas.

Little Pope started getting in the Christmas spirit early on!

This was a project I wished I had just left on my Pinterest board instead of actually spending several frustrating hours assembling them.   I think next year someone else can bring the creative aspect to the place cards.                                

There were LOTS of cookies and other sweet treats!

Christmas at our house in the morning before grandparent chaos began was nice and subdued.  Afterwards not so much.  We are still cleaning up the toy explosion that belongs to BOTH children.  

Little Pope loved every one of the 15 stuffed animals that he received, but especially the big ones he got from Santa.

Shoes, really?  I tried pointing out that they were really cute, but he wasn't buying it.

Hanging with Grandad.  

Picking up ladies...just kidding.  Posing with his only girl cousin!


K has been wanting to hold him for soooo long, and finally got his chance at Christmas!  He was so cute with his really tight grip on Little Pope. 

And the creme de la creme.  Formerly Soon-to-be Grandpa Pat, now known as Grandpa Pat decided Little Pope needed a Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air riffle with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time.  This little gem has been safely put away for many years from now, like when he starts college.

Have a great week!