Friday, January 18, 2013

Just Another Typical Sunday at Our Wildlife Sanctuary

In previous posts you may have heard me mention that I live in the country.  With the cows and the roosters that I can hear from neighboring properties, many would say that we do in fact live in the middle of nowhere.  Well today I am here to change that description of our homestead to wildlife sanctuary.  I will now state my case in pictures.

Almost a year ago I backed my car out and looked to my left to find this alligator.  HOLY CRAP I started hyperventilating.  No joke!  I still look both ways when I walk out the front door.

Then we had another alligator take up residence in the lake behind our house in May.  Great, just great.

On Sunday I opened the back door to let the Team Leader out and this is what I see.  Some of the other residents had been talking about seeing this, but honestly I thought they were smoking crack.  Now who's the one smoking crack?

The bald eagle was very majestic and HUGE.  It was sitting across the lake eating a fish, but by the time I got my camera and the correct lens it was flying away.

And then there is this rare blue bear in our house.

I am told it is very rare to be able to get this close.

Let alone capture a smile.

Ok maybe this one is a lot less harmful than the other animals roaming our wildlife refuge.

Have a great week!

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