Tuesday, October 21, 2014

And then...

Every day is an adventure in our house, and here is that adventure in pictures.

He thinks he is so big and insisted upon helping me assemble this high quality particle board shoe rack. At least I am teaching him with Craftsman tools.

One day I put everyone in the car to take Little Pope to school and no juice.  So he found entertainment in watching the tow truck load up and take the car to have the battery replaced.

Occasionally I have to use the ladies room.  It takes less than a minute.  Apparently that is enough time for a toddler to go out into the garage and find this wonderful yard tool and bring it in his playroom to beat his cars.  Another day where I considered violating my strict no drinking rule before noon.

Camo decided it was time to start trying to climb the stairs because I wasn't doing anything else and had all the time in the world to make sure he didn't fall.  He can't stand to watch his big brother running while he is simply sitting up.  As I was finalizing this today he climbed all the way to the landing of the first set of stairs by himself.

Chubby monkey, relative to his brother.

Those blue eyes are why my back hurts because now.  He seems to almost always get his way!

I am afraid to see our grocery bill once Camo starts to eat real food.  He is already eating a pancake in addition to his bottle and cereal/fruit combo.  He puts Little Pope to shame on the how much he eats!

This one loves driving his tractor, and does a pretty good job other than the occasional mauling of my citrus trees.

This little one loves the baby swing at the park.  Though I was doubtful about the size of my new iPhone 6 Plus because of the size, I have grown to love it and the awesome camera on it.

One day on a whim we managed to squeeze in a visit to see the great-grandparents.  Granny was so happy to see the kids, and Little Pope loves her because she does whatever he says.

Grandpa George loves his Little Pope and tries to impart wisdom any chance he gets!

And I was really close to making this my Facebook profile pic because it explained how I felt some days with the cray schedule and I was seriously considering breaking my strict no-drinking-before-noon rule again.  

And then this happened.  We've been dreaming of getting away since I don't know.  Ain't no better time than now for Mexico.  (Name that song)

And then, mini beers in hand, we toasted to four crazy wonderful years of marriage and all that is to come!