Sunday, August 9, 2015

Loving the Craziness

It's been a very busy summer and time has flown by.  Since Camo is a little more durable this year we have been able to get out a little more.

One of our outings was to the zoo.  The boys loved the monkeys!  Monkey see, monkey do!

Growing up way too fast! 

We went back to the monkeys at the end they loved them so much!

In my rodeo post several months back Little Pope was not thrilled about the carousel.  At the zoo he was willing to ride, but only if we sat on the stationary bench!

Camo had a hard time making up his mind about adding to his stuffed animal collection while perusing the selection in the zoo gift shop.

I haven't been to the zoo in forever, but you can get really close to the animals now.

Some animals you can even pet, per se.

The boys test drove future Christmas present ideas!  Poor Camo kept getting thrown into the headrest while riding with a 'new driver.'

Camo fell asleep with both of his babies, Arnold and Danny, where he landed one day!

One early morning (3 AM) were lucky enough to get to meet some of our local firemen!  The boys were so excited to see the fire truck show up.  The end result was a smoke detector unit going bad, but we felt better safe than sorry when it comes to fire and carbon monoxide.

This is what you get when you ask for no sirens or lights so that your neighbors can remain asleep!  I think our river house in Lake Jackson was illuminated from these wonderful lights.

Little Pope got to sit in the new fire truck that we are now paying $20 more a month for on our water bill.  He did not want to get out!  The firemen were so nice considering that they were woken up to come check out our smoke detector issue.

We also became the proud owners of this small water park to entertain the Little Popes!  even the Team Leader got in on the fun!

Our next outing was a long windy weekend at the beach.

Little Pope was excited to the point of impatient to go play in the sand.

Because every toddler needs a big stick/small tree limb to play with.  If there is trouble within a five mile radius Camo will find it!

He tried walking over to the Nutrition Nazi and acting like he wasn't causing trouble a few seconds ago!

Someone felt like their old crazy self!

She retrieved her toy for hours which took the sting out of price of her recent surgeries.  She slept well for a few days afterwards.

Speaking of growing up too fast.  He is so sweet, but very reserved!

He is still a Pope under it all so he lets his guard down fairly quick for the chance to say 'cheese money'!

Camo is super crazy (and Pope through and through) and loves to say 'cheese' without any reservations.  If I pickup my phone or camera he thinks I am taking his pic!

In July we went to Jellystone with our good friends and their kids for a couple of days.

Though I had a few reservations about 4 adults and 4 kids in an RV, everything went really smoothly.  My sweet friend Ellen has even thing down perfectly!

The little ones had a blast with all the activities Jellystone has to offer.

Camo had so much fun that he fell asleep on the way home!

We also went to our very first Skeeters game!  The boys had a blast playing on all the different rides and playground equipment.

Little Pope is really into Mascots and loved Swatson, the Skeeters mascot.

There's the occasional selfie snuggle on random lazy days!

We had the occasional date night, thanks to our parents.

And of course celebrating the Nutrition Nazi's birthday!  The boys were so excited to help me make the cake for NN, but refused to take one bite.