Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Their Daily Routine

In my life there are two great sources of happiness, but also two great sources of grief.  These two heathens are like peas-in-a-pod and they have a daily routine that  I finally managed to somewhat document.  It usually starts with the Team Leader barking at the Nutrition Nazi when he asks her if she wants to wrastle, and no I did not spell it wrong.

She is always down for some wrastlin, especially if there is a ball involved.  However she is definitely my mini-me so she does not like to lose, and most times NN gives up because she is kicking his butt.  Good Dog!

A rare moment of pause while she checks on her giant fluffy tennis ball.

And here we go for another round as evidenced by the ball in the air.  I think she likes it when she is on the ground because it gives her more leverage to grab and kick at NN.  I never worry about her around bigger dogs.  Girl can hold her own.

This goes on for quite a while and as you can see she keeps up the good fight at full energy.  She does not mess around - she is in it to win it.

And then she breaks out the Victory Smile, knowing that once again she got exactly what she wanted.  I have taught her well! 

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