Monday, October 22, 2012

Four Months in the Making

A few weeks ago our little one hit the big 4-month mark, which earned him a trip to the doctor to be poked and prodded, and lots of sympathy from us.  He now weighs 11 lbs and is 24 inches long.  In a big achievement his head circumference and his length have made it onto the percentile chart, where he is in the 25% percentile.  This is a huge improvement from two months ago when he was below the chart!  He is such a happy baby, and now he is starting to eat rice cereal.  Let me show you how that is going.

If you will notice Little Pope is clean and smiling, so the disaster has not begun!

Chatting with the Nutrition Nazi about all the college football upsets.  Mom pipes in that while we love college football in our house, she would really prefer he did not play football of any kind.

Dammit I've been hoodwinked into eating something that is the consistency of paste with no nutritional value or taste!

What is this crap?

Never mind I'll just chew on my hand.

Is there anything the Team Leader doesn't eat?

Something else has his attention...

...the ceiling fan!

I think he is telling the Nutrition Nazi 'No way Jose' to any more of that rice cereal!

Ok maybe one more bite!

Still smiling at the last bite or maybe because it's the last bite!

Have I mentioned that he has this one wrapped around his finger?  I bought him a sign that says 'Who needs Santa when you have Gramma?'  It is so true, luckily for him!


The Team Leader is turning into quite the protector of her little brother.  She does not necessarily want him in her personal space, but she wants to know what you are doing with him and where he is all the time.  Finally we start seeing some returns on our investment!

Have a great week and let's hope really hard for some fall weather!

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