Monday, May 20, 2013

Finally A Bigger, Better Patio

We finally decided to add some life to our postage-sized patio, and after various building and furniture delays it is complete.  Yay, except now it 2 degrees below boiling point with 200% humidity outside.  Here's the transition.

Such a sad little space before the transition where so much furniture and a grill were shoved into the equivalent of a closet.  Even Little Pope did not want to sit or play on it.

So we decided to add some more concrete to enhance our backyard experience.  We debated for a long time on what to add, and ultimately decided to wait on stone and a covered roof.

It was a slow process in the beginning, but one day I came home to find this, and then the concrete truck showed up 10 minutes later and the space was finished shortly thereafter.

And here we have the (almost) finished project.  I still need to attempt to repaint our old chairs at some point, but it is mostly complete. Sorry for the glare off the concrete, but picture time does not always coincide with the best sunshine angle, instead it runs on Little Pope's nap time.

I have always wanted dark wicker furniture and this set was a good compromise between just buying a set at Walmart and the super expensive Restoration Hardware set that NN and Little Pope decided we should buy.  It is two sofas, two end tables, and one ottoman with a huge 'no eating here' sign.  This means you NN and Little Pope.

From the formerly sad patio side with the view to the lake and the Costco cantilever umbrella, which provides a good amount of shade.

Eventually we are going to put in a pool, but this will have to suffice for now!

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