Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Not So Much

It's summer in Houston, and that means a lot of time spent swimming and on the boat.  We were so excited for this summer since we were busy with Little Pope last year.  We couldn't wait to take him swimming and on boat rides.  I might have mentioned a few times the Team Leader's love for swimming, boat rides and fetching things dock-dog style off the pier.

The Nutrition Nazi actually taught her to swim on this particular day.  Some days I think we might have made a mistake.

I used to order these yellow water toys by the case because she wore them out so quickly.

So we get all packed up and walk down to the pier to get on the boat.  This is going to be great, right?

While we are waiting on NN to get some things situated Little Pope tries to take my camera, and probably throw it in the water.

Last shot before the wrath of our midget begins for not letting him have his way.

Come on Mama I might actually be able to hold it and not drop it this time.

So he moves on to trying to take NN's hat and glasses since he can't have the camera, and he needs to stall the boat launch.


It's time to get on the boat now Little Pope, no more stalling.   What's that you say?  Not so much?  Come on it will be fun.  Your sister loves it, now get over here.

And then he screamed for 30 minutes straight as we tried everything from changing life jackets to getting in the water on our boat ride to calm him down.  I think it is safe to say he has cemented his fate for this boating season.

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