Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cloudy with a Chance of Wind, Irritability, and a Random Stick

Right now the Nutrition Nazi is probably laughing to himself as he reads the title recalling the two, yes two, attempts at family pictures this year.

I alluded to an explanation to this pic in my last post, and I am not one to break promises.  This was one of many unsuccessful attempts to capture the elusive attention of a toddler.

For the first attempt we went to Rice, and my mother-in-law (aka Spirit Fingers) played photographer.  I started setting up shots and tried to let everyone get used to the surroundings, or so I thought.

So not so bad, but Little Pope was too busy playing with the Team Leader's fur.  I should also mention that both Little Pope and I had a nasty cold on this day, and my patience was already short before I got sick.

Another ok shot, but the solemness of Little Pope's face is not making this year's Christmas card, and the wind did not help either.

So then I tried tickling Little Pope to try and get a smile, but it did not help.

He was more concerned with playing in the dirt.

Attempt number two where my parents accompanied us to a closer location in Sienna.  I started the same and got a nice pic of these two.  Maybe this one would go better since this time everyone feeling well.

Little Pope's attention seemed to be elusive again, even with an extra person dedicated specifically to it.

And this pic sums it all up.  We gave Little Pope a stick hoping to get him to look at the camera in a final attempt and then the Team Leader took it from him, multiple times.  All we could do was laugh at that point.  

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