Sunday, July 20, 2014

Little Popes

It has been a while since I posted updated pics of the Little Popes so I thought an update was fitting.

Our sweet little Camo when he turned 4 months old.  He will be 5 months old tomorrow, oh how the time does fly!

The happiest baby you have ever seen!  I thought Little Pope was sweet until this one came along.

Packing to go to Gramma's house.  I sent this to my mom one night telling her that Little Pope was all packed. 

Because every toddler should play basketball in their swimsuit and shades!

So this is what they do at daycare all day!  He came home one day from school like this!

Way too much testosterone surrounding my princess, the Team Leader!  Love them all so much!

Camo's eyes are sooooo blue.  He and Little Pope are going to break hearts!

Swimming at Gramma's house.  He can't swim and of course is infatuated with the deep end.

Camo's is almost always this happy and smiley!

Unless he is trying to take something from Little Pope, then determination is the look of the moment.

These two are only 8 pounds apart in weight.  Camo is going to be chasing Little Pope in no time.

Camo loves his little jumper and the attached toys.  I find Little Pope trying to get in when Camo is not in it.  Oh the craziness that is coming will provide great blog posts!

Camo loves his big brother and wants to be doing whatever Little Pope is doing.  His love for his big brother is too cute!

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