Sunday, June 26, 2016

Four and Counting

I can't believe Little Pope just turned 4 a few weeks ago.  It seems like time is quickly passing.  Here are a few highlights from his birthday party!

A few weeks before his birthday he got to take cupcakes to celebrate his birthday at school.  He decided he needed to make sure the cupcakes were ok the night before by sampling one!

We rented a super fun bounce house that took up a good chunk of our backyard!  The kids had so much fun and some of the big kids got in as well.

We had a super cool greeter hanging from the second floor balcony!

Little Pope loves birthday parties and presents especially when they are his own!

They may look cute, but looks can be deceiving!  These two are the definition of trouble-makers!

Exhibit A...Camo was caught trying to feed the dog chocolate since she was not allowed at the party.  And for the record I am not a mean person.  The Team Leader has had a few relapses with her knees and counter-surfing for food so I decided this was the safest place for her.  Camo actually crawled in with her at one point and requested a pillow and a blanket from my mom.

Not too much longer before I won't be able to pick up this birthday boy!

Family pics are more of a hope-for-the-best-after-20-shots style.

Still looks like a mini adult version of the Nutrition Nazi, with more hair of course!

One of his favorite parts, and his new friend in the background!

Presents are probably Little Pope's favorite part!  His neighbor friend helped him open and play with all his presents!  

Grandma supervised so I could write down what he got for thank you notes!  And for those of you with really sharp vision that is a baby I am holding that belongs to a friend of ours.  He is so sweet and I get to give him back! 

This year Little Pope wanted a piñata so I bought the kind that you can pull the strings instead of hitting with a stick.  My new house was super appreciative that I did not give bats to toddlers to swing uncontrollably!

It was a really big hit!

And then the pandemonium started once it broke open with all the kids trying to get as many goodies as possible.

Some of our new neighborhood friends needed a little help since they are not as seasoned at the older kids!

I was super on my game this year - ha!  I bought a 'stick the emblem on batman game' and of course it was little girl that won!

This is how my child posed when his friend's mom wanted to get a pic on their way out!  Once a Pope always a Pope when it comes to being an attention whore!  I love that he already has a few friends in our awesome neighborhood!

Happy 4th Birthday Little Pope!

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