Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Steps and Delays

So last week was 'supposed' to be the start of the transformation inside and out.  Obviously our Construction Manager, Cody, being around is crucial because the workmen went on mental vacation when he went on physcial vacation for a week.  The sheetrock team showed up last Thursday to discover the insulation, which is a fairly critical step in most people's opinion, had not been done.  I guess the brick crew got a really good last minute travel deal because they are no where to be found, even though they were supposed to start Thursday, as well.  Maybe they will share their vacation photos when they return.
No this is not the garage, but the breakfast area with creepy eyes

Looking at kitchen from family room

Master Bath

Master Shower

Crazy critter trying to run through studs and mess stuff up

Brick, still not on house

Stone, making friends with the brick, and still not on house

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