Monday, January 23, 2012

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

We all like to be remembered as a valued customer, but it is with somewhat mixed emotions that I share this little story with you.  You see sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came.  Many of you have heard me mention Max's Wine Dive, one of my favorite places in Houston to eat, drink, and buy wine.  Max's is so famous for their Fried Chicken and Champagne combo that they were featured on the show Crave on food network, which will be airing again on February 3rd. 

A few weeks ago we actually made reservations, a rarity for us, but now that we have to drive in from the country we are relegated to mainly Friday and Saturday nights at Max's - BOO!  We normally sit at the bar so we can see all of the delicious food going out and also sample some different types of wines, but it was full.  So we walk in and one of our favorite sommeliers comes up and is making small talk, congratulates us on the baby, etc.  He helps the Nutrition Nazi pick out an awesome wine and then goes back to his station because he is not our waiter, but we have helped him make his sales goals repeatedly so he goes the extra mile for us!

  The Best Fried Egg Sandwich in Houston - YUM!!

As the night goes on more of the staff continue to stop by and say congrats.  The creme de la creme is when the executive chef, Michael Pellegrino, comes out of the kitchen to chat.  He tells us that he wants to take our picture to put up on a wall they are starting called "We have the best guests."  I think a more appropriate title for it would be "These people are the reason we take frequent luxurious vacations."  He takes the pic and it is horrible, but NN tells me not to worry because no one will see it.  Wrong!  One of NN's clients did see the pic - UGH!

Max-n-Cheese -Of course I ordered this with the sandwich. 

The mixed emotion with sharing this story is that it is always cool to be remembered as a good customer, but I am a little concerned at how well we are known at a wine bar.  Being well known at your favorite restaurant is one thing, but a wine bar falls in the gray area for some people. I will offer this thought, though ...we registered at Spec's when we got married and that is where most of our gifts came from.  I guess we are not as alone as I thought!  So in the spirit of Max's I say Cheers to all my friends, and visit Max's for some awesome food and wine!

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