Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm Just Here to Pick Up My Mom, Ladies

Raise your hand if you have ever been to Vegas and seen the ads for the Thunder from Down Under show at the Excalibur hotel.  Ok well I have several times, and so have my girlfriends.  A few years ago when the show came to Houston my girlfriends decided we should go as a pre-bachelorette party.  Now I am not one to turn down a fun-filled night out, so we got our tickets and patiently waited to see if was truly worth all the hype.

So the night of the show I convince my darling husband to drop me off at the House of Blues, and then come back and pick me up after the show.  I can't find my way out of downtown sober, much less after a few drinks.  I meet up with the girls and we watch the show and honestly I was a little, ok a lot, disappointed.  So I text the Nutrition Nazi to come and pick me up.  Then the girls decided we should have another drink after the show, and I apparently lost track of time.

In all the haziness I forgot that NN and the Team Leader were sitting outside waiting on me while all of the ladies that were impressed with the show were walking to their cars.  A little known fact about our half-poodle that he loves so dearly is that she attracts women like you wouldn't believe when he has her out somewhere.  NN says next time he is single he is going to have a one to carry in his arms and one on a leash.  He also feels this trick works well at Canton.

Anyways he started telling the ladies coming up to pet the dog that he was simply there to pick up his mom.  Yes you read that right.  I guess I was somewhat deserving of that comment because at some point I sent him a text message that said one of the girls would bring me home later, and that he could leave.  So the moral of this story is to never let your adorable half-poodle and very outgoing husband anywhere near one of these events, or any event with mass amounts of women if you are not going to be stuck to them like a bad rash.

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