Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Out-parented by a 5 year-old

This past weekend we went to visit some of our good friends and see their beautiful new house.  It has been said that no matter how much time passes truly good friends can pick up where they left off with out noticing the time.  The only thing that seems to change each time we meet up is our age! 

This is their oldest, Carson, holding Little Pope.  I am going to apologize right now for all of the blurry pics, but trying to photograph children is like herding cats.

 He was so cute because he wanted to sit next to the baby.  There aren't too many non-relatives who want to take a chance sitting next to an almost 9 month-old.  Notice how he is eating a chip and patting Little Pope on the back.  Too cute!

When we got back Carson took a break from being the parent of the group to play with the Nutrition Nazi.  I tried my hardest to get a clear picture of the rowdiness, but to no avail. Little kids love to climb all over NN.

In case you missed it above, Carson's little brother, Bryce, and Little Pope are waiting in the wings for their turn at being picked up and spun around.

Then he went back to being the most-qualified of the group and found a suitable toy for the baby to play with AND spent quite a bit of time showing him how to work it.

Little Pope might be thinking about defecting to the Cody family for the energetic boys that keep him entertained for hours after our visit!  I can't say I blame him since it is not always fun and games at our house!

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