Monday, March 18, 2013

High Maintenace Doesn't Even Begin to Cover It

So first things first.  Little Pope recently hit the 9 month mark and of course that meant a trip to the doctor and a shot, and not the good kind!

We  learned out that our little one weighs 16 pounds 6 ounces and is 29 inches long.  He definitely got his body shaping from the Nutrition Nazi, which is great for him.  So why did I post a pic of my child on a scale at the vet?  Keep reading.

This is my other child, as you know.  We were at the river house less than an hour when the Team Leader cut one of her paw pads on an oyster shell swimming off the pier.  NN and I were putting the boat in the water to store in our slip and this is how she added to the situation.  Now it looks like we murdered something on the pier with all the bloody paw prints.

Several hundred dollars later and a hurried trip to the vet, it appears she is going to live, but they would like us to keep her calm.  I think we might win the lottery before that happens.

I actually took a few days off this past week to do fun things like take my really thin child to the park for the first time.

Then he went outdoor furniture and idea shopping with us at Restoration Hardware.

He has such good taste because he picked out the most expensive set that they had on display.  I know many of you think he learned this from me, but luckily for me this trait came from the Nutrition Nazi.  I used to think I had expensive taste until I met NN.

'But mama look how well behaved I am on this furniture.'  Well you can go to college or we can buy a $7,000 umbrella for the patio - your choice, Little Pope.

After walking him and his father off a cliff we took him to Pottery Barn Kids to look around.  He really liked the bunny rocker, but especially liked all the attention he got from random people telling him that he was sooo cute. 

I think I heard him ask me which font I liked best to monogram this little chair he wants.  How did I get so lucky to have 3 handfuls of crazy in my house? 

And so the sun sets on another crazy week at our house!

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