Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Five Easters Later

I am tired, to say the least.  I am sure you needed to know that, right?  We are so happy that we got to celebrate Easter this year with the Littlest Pope, but I feel like we have driven to Oklahoma and back right now.  Wait, I think Oklahoma may be closer.  We celebrated Easter 5 times over the Easter weekend. 

One of the Saturday celebrations was at the Nutrition Nazi's dad's house.  Here my father-in-law was going into way too much detail about each child's area to hunt for eggs.  It really crossed the too much info line when he told one of the kids his area ended at the black chevy.  How many 4 year-olds do you know who can identify a black chevy?

Look Pops Mom got me an egg.  What's an egg?

Good thing I am not a super germ-a-phobe because he put every egg in his mouth, as he does with most other things.

Holy crap this is fun.  Carry me around some more, you look like you could use a good cardio workout.

Little Pope and his Little Cousin.  I think there are about 8 shots trying to get a good pic.  Photographing children is like herding wet cats.

Then the bigger kids joined in the picture fun.

The Bigger Popes.  My vertically-challenged brother-in-law spouted out that maybe Little Pope would get his height from him, to which I responded let's hope not.  I know I am not his favorite and I never try to be anyone I am not, so I figured I would call it like I saw it.

Daddy tell them these are my eggs, even if I can't eat candy yet.

My babies with their Easter baskets on Easter Sunday.  So sweet!

Wanna see what I think of your nicely prepared easter basket Mama?

I guess he felt it was better once everything was on the floor.

The Team Leader partook in her annual egg hunt!

Hurry up Pops and come open the egg for me.

My favorite 2 1/2 foot tall almost mobile troublemaker!

Look Mama, more stuff for you to keep up with.  Just what your OCD self needed.

Hurry up Grandma.  Your blinged-out shoes must be slowing you down.  Normally I do not let my child hang out in a diaper, but NN's grandparents like to keep their house very warm!

Little Pope enjoyed hanging out with his great-grandpa.

And his great-granny, who gets on the floor with him, even at 90 + years old. 

After all the Easter baskets and presents he was most happy with a paper towel roll and some love.  If only it stayed this way!

By popular request I am posting this video from a couple a weeks ago.

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