Monday, April 22, 2013

Back this hitch out into the water

After over a year we finally got the boat back from the boat yard with its new transmission.  I mean it is basically new at this point, and it only took money!  Anyway so everything finally aligned correctly and we took Little Pope for his very first boat ride.

He wasn't too sure about the life jacket while we were still sitting in the slip, but his happiness is not overridden by the safety laws so he had to deal with it.

Once we got going he seemed to be more interested in the boat.

Check out his baby banz headphones.  The boat motor is really loud for his little ears so I wanted to make sure he has no excuse other than manhood for not listening.

 True to baby's attention span he was more interested in the holes in the hatch cover than anything else.

All smiles at the end of the day.  Next up...wakeboarding!

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