Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mobility with a side of Unwavering Patience

 Patience is not a virtue that I possess, nor will I ever, but one of my children has it down to a fine art.

This is my oldest as many of you know.  She was a super cute and very high-energy baby!

This is my youngest for those of you just reading the blog for the first time.  He is also full of energy!

And he has now become mobile.  Deep breath.  Life will never be the same and free time is extinct in our household!

He is still working on his stability, though. 

He is a super fast crawler.  One minute he is there, then the next he is wreaking havoc on something or someone four rooms over.

He has also learned to be a jokester.  This is the look he gave me as he was crawling over to jack with me.

He thinks he is so smart when he unties my shoes, but he only wants to do it if the shoe is on my foot. Leave a flip flop laying around, though, and he will put that in his mouth.  Great, huh?

But my oldest has nerves of steel and unwavering patience when it comes to dealing with her brother.  In the above pic he was yanking on her tail fairly hard and she never even flinched.  I finally had to go break up his fun because I was afraid he might rip her hair out.  He was so excited at the new toy he found!

Little Pope has also discovered the Team Leader's water bowl, which is like a rare gem to him.  We normally have the door closed to the laundry room, but he can sense when it is not and speed crawls to get there.

Even with such a huge violation of her personal space she still remains calm, which is more than her mama can say.

Have a great week!

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