Sunday, October 27, 2013

One Going on Thirty

Our sweet, almost 17 month-old is very observant, and has been an old soul since the day he was born.  

Most weekdays we come home and go upstairs where I workout on the elliptical or lift weights, while Little Pope plays and watches movies.

So one day he follows me up the stairs, closes the safety gate, and then immediately climbs on the elliptical.  He hasn't quite mastered the feet on the pedals part yet!

He also thinks he is old enough to be lifting on the multi-gym machine.  I was around the corner lifting and found him trying to climb down after climbing all the way up on his own.  Pretty soon he will be cocky like the Nutrition Nazi and screaming I-I-I-I workout.  (Name that song.)

Then there is his passion for yard work.  He is always touching and feeling the mower and lawn tools in the garage.

He takes helping out very seriously.  Type A would probably be an accurate description.

In this pic I am guessing he was probably giving NN the evil eye for not working fast enough.

Hopefully he will not out-age us anytime soon!

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