Monday, May 12, 2014


Everyday brings something new around our house these days.

Our sweet little one seems to grow bigger everyday!

And his blue eyes deepen in color everyday!

Camo has started to smile and giggle, which just melts my heart.

Of course all I have are these pics because every time I try to get video he stops.

And this one is a little mini adult!  I bought him some sunglasses so he could be cool like Kliff Kingsbury, the Texas Tech head coach.  Right now the Nutrition Nazi is shaking his head!


And speaking of NN…Little Pope is so in love with his dad.  He will go in the closet and get a matching pair of shoes and then try to walk in them.  As far as he is concerned NN can do no wrong!  Ha!

Though I am not his favorite, his little smile still melts my heart.

NN and his mini me!

So why did I label this post Cheese you ask?  Well about 4 days before we were set to welcome our second little one we were asked to appear in a commercial for the dealership where we bought my car.  Neither of us were really certain what to think about it all, but it was a very unique experience.  When we got there I gave very firm instructions that I only wanted to be filmed from waist up!  I didn't realize how much of the commercial we would actually be in, and yes that is actually my ride that I get out of in the service area.  For some reason they were unwilling to let me drive one of the expensive cars into service!  You can check out the commercial by clicking on the link below labeled Audi Central Houston, and yes it is total cheese!

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