Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Camo

It's hard to believe that we just celebrated this sweet little baby's first birthday about a week ago.  If only weight came off as quickly a baby's first year passes!

I was able to snap a few pics of the setup before the party began.  I am proud of myself for keeping true to my simple approach to this party.  It may have had something to do with the Team Leader partially tearing one ACL and then fully blowing out the other ACL, but that is a completely separate post.

In the words of the Nutrition Nazi, "Who's handsome and has four thumbs?  These two guys."  Camo looks A LOT like his dad, but is finally starting to look like his mom.

I might have mentioned before that this baby LOVES food.  I can't believe we actually got this pic because he kept trying to grab a cupcake!  Yesterday he actually walked over to the fridge and pointed because he was hungry.  He does not mess around!

Little Popes playing with the great-grandparents - so sweet!

Time for dessert and a song!

Little Pope and I practiced for a few days on blowing out the candle so he could feel like he was part of the party too.  I would sing the song and then he would blow with a little spit at the candle.  As you can see he was not wanting to wait so I had to protect the candle until the right time.

Ok show time finally for Little Pope as Camo is trying to help out as well.  This is why the gray hair I have is growing exponentially. 

Good job!  Now he wants to blow out candles every day!

Camo's favorite part - eating!  He walked right up and took a chunk out, and then in true Pope form wandered off to go socialize with someone else.  God help me there are three Pope males under one roof!

Then it was time for the gifts!  He received way more than he needed, but luckily his memory is short so I was able to put most of them away.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, wild child.  You are going to give me, and my grocery bill, a run for my money, but you are truly my heart!  The best is yet to be!

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