Monday, March 30, 2015

Rodeo Grace

This year we took the kids to the Houston Rodeo for the first time.  I was definitely nervous about taking two non-compliant toddlers into the huge crowd.  Here is how we fared.

We started in the exhibit area with the newly-hatched chickens.  I think Little Pope loved it because they were eye level.

I tried educating him about what the little ones turn into, but he just kept laughing at the big chickens running around crazy.

Little Pope is obsessed with selfies!  We had to pause so he could say cheese and be silly!

At least one of us was focused on the task at hand.  The other was captivated by who knows what.  Clearly I need to take them out more!

Little Pope LOVED this ride, which was one of three he was big enough to ride.

He rode it several times and did not want to leave!

Another obsession of his is tractors.  I know he was in heaven because he got to climb all over this one.

A little fun playing in the corn.  This walk-through exhibit outside was really cute because it taught the kids about farming and spending/saving money.

The Nutrition Nazi and I got to go to the actual rodeo part a couple of times.  I was trying to get a pic of the mutton bustin, but my phone did not want to cooperate on zooming in.  I think Camo will love this event when he turns 5.  He will be the one the sheep talk about afterwards!

The pic is grainy, but we got to see Tim McGraw one night.  Even with the so-so sound system he still puts on a great concert.

I saved this pic for last, because the biggest lesson we received at the rodeo was a reminder to always act with grace.  So Little Pope wanted to ride the zebra, but started to freak out before the carousel started moving.  I took him off and moved to another lower animal, but still no luck.  A gentleman came up beside the zebra with the man sitting on the zebra in front of us the pic and asked if Little Pope was going to ride it.  I told him I didn't think so and asked if he had someone who would like to ride it.  He very politely told me that his special guy would really like to ride it.  He handled the situation so calmly and walked behind the fence to stand with his wife.  

They watched their child go around with all of the other children, but treated him with the respect of an adult.  I am not certain I could ever handle this situation as gracefully if the roles were reversed.  I spent the whole ride playing with Little Pope, but wondering if I handled the situation well.  I was given the answer when the same gentleman handed me the remaining unused tickets on his ticket card as we exited the ride.  And so grace bought Little Pope another ride on the beloved tractor ride!

I hope through my actions my wild, but sweet boys learn to handle situations like that with grace and dignity and reciprocate the same to others.

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