Tuesday, April 10, 2012

She is not like a child to me

I have heard many people over the years say that I treat the Team Leader like a child.  I am here to tell you that simply is not the case.  She is not like a child, she is a child.  She is absolutely spoiled rotten and every bit of a handful, but being an only child, for now, I give in to most of our little Napoleon's demands within reason.  I also want to make it known that she got a Petsmart card from Grandma L so that she could pick out a toy.  I am clearly not alone in spoiling her.

So every Easter we (I) make a big production of it all complete with an Easter egg hunt!  Now before you go off and say that I have truly lost my mind, hear me out.  We (I) actually do several egg hunts a year because they keep her mind challenged and she is forced to use some energy to find treats, and not simply be given them for free.  And she actually gets excited and tries to peek (no joke) when I 'hide' the eggs.

Team Leader with her haul! The pink ball is already a victim of rough play!

Once released from her pretty pose, she broke into her basket, and yes she knows the basket belongs to her.

Jackpot - a new water toy!

Now comes the fun part - an Easter egg hunt outside with a little help from the Nutrition Nazi.

New yard, new hiding places.

She is so smart!

All her dad has to do is follow and open the eggs!

Towards the end she needed a little guidance, but still found it without it being pointed out!

Last one! YAY!

Yes the Team Leader lives the life of luxury - it's ok to be envious, I am!  If you ask nicely someone might hide Easter eggs with homemade treats in them for you too!  All you need it the right followers for your team!

Have a great week!

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