Monday, April 16, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

Like most first-time parents we have been busy planning the baby's room. There are so many options these days and all it takes is money to make the wildest dreams come true. I really wanted to do as little as possible in the way of painting, etc, but after seeing the baby bedding against the wall I knew that we were going to have to paint.  The bedding and the walls seem to mesh together too much.  You can take a look at the current nursery here.  So we started by narrowing the paint down to four colors for the walls.  Take a look.

The choices from left to right on the top row are Stream and Ebbtide.  The lower row is Open Seas and Jet Stream.  Four VERY different blue options!

Something to keep in mind is that this decal which is VERY large is going on the walls.  I did have the manufacturer change the coloring on all of the blue animals so that we don't have color clash.  Tone on tone is not really my thing.  NN used to be bad about color clash, but has seen the light, for the most part, thanks to the ray of sunshine he married.

After much debate we decided on the color Ebbtide for the walls.  I know it looks a little crazy and bold, but I think once the decal is up it will come together nicely.  If not our painters will love us because we will be re-painting in a few years!

The Team Leader is taking her Big Sister role very seriously by guarding against intruders getting near the crib!  Well at least until someone rings the doorbell or she hears the peanut butter jar open.

We also picked up the dresser once the room was painted.  With all of the heavy dark furniture I think the blue will balance out.  I also think we already have a good amount of stuff to fill this thanks to the grandparents.  If you just said spoiled, you are not alone.

We actually got the shower curtain put up too!  I know this seems like a little feat, but it seems huge now that it is up. 

Hopefully we will be putting the decals up soon and I can post more pics!  Slowly but surely, we are getting there.  Just a few more months before all hell breaks loose!

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