Monday, May 21, 2012

Un Baguette versus Une Baguette

So as many of you know if you live in my neighborhood your HOA dues encompass an array of wildlife that would make some small zoos jealous.  I recently wrote about a close encounter with a 9.5 alligator here and his new succcessor, Francis.  It was nothing short of terrifying, and now I diligently check the front and back before I go outside.  You can imagine my dismay when Francis appeared. 

 Note: If you did not already know you can click on the pics and they will get bigger, which you may want to do since I was not getting closer!

Here is Francis with his/her head facing the shore and tail towards the lake.

He/She seems to be just chillin in the lake not bothering anyone.  I can be ok with this as long as he stays in the lake.

Did I tell you that I am reading a book called Bringing Up Bebe about the differences between French and American parenting?  It's very enlightening.  In the book the author tells a story about an American lady living in Paris.  The lady could never remember when she went to the bakery whether she was supposed to order un baguette (one loaf of bread) or une baguette (one stick (really thin) loaf) so she just ordered deux (two) baguettes.  (This is why Americans and their obesity stick out like sore thumbs in Paris.)

So I want to know who the idiot was that ordered deux alligators for our lake? Look closely there is one facing the shore and the eyes and snout of the other once swimming the other direction.

Francis number 1 (F1) as seen through the safety of my tele-photo lens from the safety of my back yard.

As I was taking pictures of F1 further down the lake, the other Francis (F2) swam up and watched me.  I was not about to leave the gated safety of my backyard for fear of feeling like I was on the wrong side of the fence at the zoo.

 Then F2 went on his/her merry little way to join F1.

See I told you F2 was going to meet up with F1. 

I did eventually get brave enough to walk down the sidewalk in front of the house to try and get closer pics.  I always wanted to win the lottery, but I guess I should have specified which one, and that I really didn't need multiple alligators in my life.  Maybe now NN will cave to the fact that we really do live in the country!

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