Monday, June 4, 2012

The Best Baby Shower Ever

Ok so it is my first baby shower, but I still believe it is the best one ever!  A few weeks ago two of my besties hosted a baby shower for our new little addition filled with all kinds of fun food, games, and characters!

Since I live in the country, directional signs are always a plus!

One of the lovely hostesses, Aunt Kimmy, running around during the awesome games she put together.

Gina, on the right, the other lovely shower hostess, trying to win some prizes in the games.  I was definitely jealous of the prizes for the ladies!

The ladies had an awesome spread of food for all of the guests to munch on.  There was so much that we actually had leftovers for a few days!

One of my favorite parts was the dessert table filled with cookies, mini cupcakes, and party favors for the ladies!

Aunt Kimmy made two beautiful diaper cakes.  They are so pretty that I am afraid to use the diapers once the baby gets here!

'Someone IS going to give me something to eat, right Mama?' is what this look is saying.  The Team Leader attended parts of the shower, but had to be put in her room (our master bedroom) once she got into the spiked punch.  Just kidding!  Though we used to refer to her as the drunk girl at the bar, she does not need alcohol to act crazy!

Everyone really loved the games, especially my mother-in-law judging by her jaw-dropping!

The Nutrition Nazi stuck around for a little while before leaving to go play golf.  And yes I did pick out his outfit because I wanted him to match my clothing for some other pictures we took.  He's used to it at this point.

A rare sighting - our friend Mandy! 

More family!  Can you tell who is related to who?

The baby received way too many presents.   So spoiled and he is not even here yet!

My mom bought the baby a shirt for each of our respective Alma maters!  I see an impending Bayou Bucket battle on the horizon!

This is my living room after the shower!  We are so thankful for everything that we received and grateful for the wonderful people in our lives!  The Team Leader had a blast going through all of the bags once everyone had left.  Poor little one may never see some of his stuff since I think she already wrote her name on it!

The Nutrition Nazi and I would like to thank our wonderful hostesses with the most, as well as all the ladies that attended the shower.  We are truly over-whelmed by the love and support we receive on a daily basis from our friends and family!

Have a great week!

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