Monday, June 11, 2012

Soon-to-be Grandpa Pat

This year for my Father's Day post I decided to highlight someone very special in our lives, but not my dad or the Nutrition Nazi's dad.  This man didn't have to be anything other than a husband to the Nutrition Nazi's mom, but he truly is a second father to NN.  Obviously no one ever replaces your dad, but if you had to choose a second father, this man is tops in the running.

This is Pat, NN's Step Dad, patiently smiling while NN's mom takes his picture for the 800th time on this particular day, which is a typical occurrence when my mother-in-law is around with her camera.

Pat likes to fish, and I am told back in the day he liked to hunt and leave dirty socks in trees!

Pat loves to cook the Team Leader bacon, eggs, toast, chicken-fried steak, and anything else she wants for breakfast when she stays over.  Of course her obedience to Grandpa Pat is in perfect form, even at 4 in the morning.

This is Pat and myself after my mother-in-law had taken 8000 pictures at my wedding in Mexico.  He was probably in between drinks, but we were united in our disdain for the papparazi-like atomosphere.

Pat was so excited when he found out the baby was going to be a boy that he sent me an email wishing there was an Academy Babies R Us, and telling me he may go broke buying the baby all types of guns and fishing gear!  Apparently he did find baby camo gear because he sent his own present with my mother-in-law to the baby shower and it was camo all-in-one suit and a onesie.  He signed his card to the baby soon-to-be Grandpa Pat - so sweet!

The baby is now set to hang out with soon-to-be Grandpa Pat while NN and I hang out on the beach in Mexico!  Just kidding...kind of!

In no way, though, do I want to down play the importance that our dads played in our lives because we both have wonderful dads!  We were just fortunate enough to have a third father that loves us as much as the other two.

Happy Father's Day!

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