Monday, September 17, 2012

The Third Best Day of the Nutrition Nazi's Life

This week the Nutrition Nazi and I are celebrating two years of legally being married.  Now those of you that went to Mexico in October 2 years ago may be a little confused.  We actually were married in the states by NN's dad, who is a judge, because otherwise our marriage would not have been recognized in the states.  In honor of this day I thought I would share with you the story of how we met that I originally posted to our wedding website.  It is comedy at it's best!

The Truth of How We Met

As with any story there are always two sides, so here is mine. In order to understand how it all happened, you must first understand the atmosphere of the apartments that we lived in when we met. Every weekend the pool looked like MTV's Spring Break that many of us grew up with. Simply put it was one big over-the-top party every weekend!

NN:  Up to this point the story is accurate.

So one of these weekends I was hanging out with some of my friends, that I had previously met at the pool, just watching the party get cranked up. Apparently in all of this NN was somewhere in the mix pretending to be working a cross-word puzzle, but in reality he was scoping the talent for the next Miss Right Now! I however was completely unaware of him in the massive crowd that normally showed up on Saturday. 

Fast forward to later that next week.... I had to walk through the pool area to get a couple of packages in the office. As I am walking back through, NN gets out of the pool and proceeds to introduce himself. All the while I am being nice, but thinking to myself who is this unemployed guy who has clearly been at the pool most of the afternoon. (There were lots of these types in the complex, so it was a fair assumption that unemployment or his parents may possibly be supporting him!)

NN: Given my responsibility to accuracy I am compelled to interject the truth! It was a beautiful, sunny Wednesday afternoon. I was getting a little sun by the pool and thought I saw a cute girl in comfortable clothes. The next thing I know its the same girl, Crystal, in a skirt and heels! Wow I thought as she came up to say hi. She had a good story about a package at the office she had to get, but we both know that she just had to meet me!

Anyways...So occasionally I ran into him around the complex, but then it turned into borderline stalking. From then on every time (and I mean every time) I would be working out he would be walking his dog through the pool area where the gym was located. (Barkley was super-fit after all those walks!)

NN: Barkley and I did see her in the gym on our walks. Crystal has a nice smile, and the enthusiasm with which she used that smile and the eyes she was giving through that gym window just compelled me to finally go in there and give her a one date opportunity. Nice of me right?

At first I dismissed it, but then one day he showed up outside with the dog and then mysteriously disappeared and then magically appeared on the bike next to me in the gym within a matter of minutes, working hard to close the sale. I think I heard things like, "Well you know I like the opera, the ballet; I have a boat...." (It still makes me giggle!) Then not long after that sales pitch we happened to run into each other one morning before the party got cranked up, and he asked me out to an Astros game, and I said yes (despite my dislike of slow moving sports - like golf - j/k), and well you know how the story goes from there.

NN: It did work out extremely well despite our different versions of how we met!

Happy 2nd (Legal) Anniversary!!

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