Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunny and 75, or So We Hoped

Recently we had a short beach vacation planned, and the weather had been hot and dry for weeks.  We should have seen the change in the weather coming, but in Southeast Texas the weather people are rarely right.

We had high hopes when we arrived that the impending small monsoon that was predicted might change directions.  Unfortunately hope was not enough this time.

So we had to find other ways that did not involve the pool or beach to entertain Little Pope in between rain showers.

This broken sprinkler head kept him entertained for quite a while.

NN and the Team Leader decided to sit down because Little Pope played for so long.  Ok not really they are both just really short on patience.

Do you see a theme for this vacation?  Some of us sat down more than others.  Little Pope loved to play on the balcony.

Climbing on the chairs seemed to be an endless activity for him.  This would have been great if the balcony had foam rubber all over it since he is not exactly good on coordination and balance at this point.

Little Pope did show us how he could dance in the chair even with the wind blowing so bad that I started looking for feeder bands.

And he was on to the next activity.  For the record I am not sure what happened to his shorts.

There was a little bit of sunshine one day, just long enough to get a picture of our sweet little one.  Guess we will hold on to hope that next year's trip has more sunshine and less of creative entertainment for toddlers!

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