Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Deer Whisper He is Not, but Big Brother to be...Yes

We were fortunate enough to get away to the Hill Country (New Braunfels and San Marcos) to a friend's house on the Comal River recently.  Every time we pull up to the house there are always deer in the yard, and this trip was no different.

See they are just hanging out not bothering anyone.

Little Pope's social skills still need a little work, though, and he went charging after the deer in his excitement.

The deer took off running towards a safer area, the golf course, when he began running towards them with a stick.  So much for the seeing wildlife up close this weekend because that officially ended any chance of them even looking at the front or the back yard as they pass by.

With all the deer gone Little Pope decided to run around the yard and pick up random things, like our cooler, rocks, and sticks.

He mainly entertained himself, though, by going up and down these couple of stairs.

Down with assistance nearby, if needed!

A very rare moment of pause.

Somewhere he picked up a big stick to carry around, and yes he did run around with it.

His favorite thing to do was to take multiple sticks into the house at one time.  I spent 30 minutes searching the house on departure day for sticks he squirreled away.

I did mention something else in the title, so read his shirt.

Coming soon...March 2014!

Have a great day!

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