Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chaos Here I Come

So as many of you know this will be a crazy week at our house.  Getting ready for the Christmas party is disorganized chaos at best.  Throw in a new house and dog that keeps exploiting us for treats every chance she gets, and sometimes I just want to go sit in the media room and hope it takes care of itself.  Alas I got myself into this and I am going to make it look like Christmas married dessert.

My baking time has been interrupted by this monster who watches for us to leave the pantry cracked open and then runs in and gets as many cookies as she can.  It hurts my feelings a little that she is smarter than us, and has been for several years.

As for dessert, this year I plan to bring it.  More room = more desserts!  There are several new desserts this year, along with some of the classic favorites.  Thanks in advance to those of you bringing appetizers.  It helps in more ways than you know.

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